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Monroe is an outstanding community.  Under the proven leadership of Monroe Republicans, we have improved our roads, our financial planning and our budget process. We have an award-winning educational system, excellent parks, and a vibrant senior center.   Our greatest challenge is that we live in a state that is struggling, thwarted by high taxes, over-regulation, and a lack of predictability that makes companies like GE and Aetna leave our state.   Governor Malloy’s attempts to abandon Monroe by eliminating millions in state funding is why now, more than ever, Monroe needs proven leadership so that we can continue to make Monroe a great place to live, work, raise a family, and retire.

Controlling Taxes

We need to control taxes – first, by controlling our spending.   I will budget like a family or well-run business, and build our budget from the ground up – ensuring that we are justifying our spending and not just using last year's budget as the starting point.   I will take a fresh look at our purchasing process, to make sure we are getting the best value for our dollar.

We must continue the progress of developing our industrial zone.   By growing our commercial property grand list, we can continue to shift the property tax burden away from our families.

Fixing Roads & Providing Essential Services

I will continue to make the right investments in Monroe, ensuring we are providing essential services such as public safety, roads & infrastructure, and of course providing an excellent education to our children.

Before 2010, our roads were completely neglected, resulting in a massive backlog of expensive repairs.  We had over 60% of our roads needing work beyond routine maintenance.  Over the last 8 years, we have taken care of 56 miles, nearly 2/3 of the backlog.  We are on the right track.  I will continue this commitment so we can finally dig ourselves out of this hole!

Working closely with our Board of Education, I will be in constant contact to make sure we are working together to be financially responsible while continuing to provide an excellent education to our children.  

Planning for Tomorrow

As your First Selectman, I will work with all our elected and appointed boards and commissions to ensure we have a comprehensive planning process in place.   From our roads and buildings, to all the services we provide, we will have a complete roadmap that we will act upon to build an even better Monroe.

As Chairman of the Town Council's Strategic Planning Committee, I’ve already led the way in launching strategic planning for our fire departments, health department, and our municipal space needs.

Customer Service & Town Hall Efficiency

My vision is a Monroe Town Hall that is recognized as a model for excellence in customer service and efficiency.  Working together with our dedicated town employees, we will focus on improving our processes, create clear and consistent operating procedures, and utilize technology to improve workflow management.

Working together with a clear vision, we will focus on solutions.

Resolving Chalk Hill

Many great ideas have been proposed on how to use the building.   However, we must keep in mind that Chalk Hill was NOT renovated for Sandy Hook and significant work is needed on this buidling.   Before I ask you to vote to spend over $4 million to fix Chalk Hill, and add at least $250,000 in new annual operating expenses, I want to be sure we’re doing this for the right reasons – and that anything we do there will be safe & appropriate for the 1,300 school children still on that campus.   

This is why I’ve started the effort to review all our space needs vs. how we currently use our town buildings, to make sure it’s the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for Monroe.   If we find it is, I will support the idea.

My plan is clear:  Let’s finish the work, discuss all the options, make a decision, and move on.

Comprehensive Economic Development Plan

I will implement a comprehensive economic development plan that focuses on people, process, and partnerships so that Monroe becomes known as a town that is business friendly, and easy to work with, so we can continue to grow our commercial development in a way that maintains our town’s character and lowers the property tax burden on our families.  

People – I will create a clear vision and mission for our dedicated employees – one that is focused on customer service.   I will review job descriptions and reporting structure, to make sure they make sense and that there are clear expectations.   We will focus on working as a team to deliver solutions.

Process – I will insist that we review our current process and identify ways to simplify and streamline, and to use technology to improve workflow.  We will establish clear service standards and goals, so we can objectively track our own performance.

Partnerships – I will focus on key relationships, such as our Economic Development Commission and Chamber of Commerce, to collaborate on a comprehensive marketing plan to recruit and retain businesses.   I will partner with our Planning & Zoning Commission and support regulation review, to make sure we are competitive with neighboring towns while maintaining our town’s character.

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