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First Selectman Ken Kellogg announced that he will seek re-election this November.    “It is an honor serving the people of Monroe,” said Kellogg.   “We’ve had great results in the past year, and I look forward to the opportunity to continue the progress.” 

Kellogg has made the necessary investments in the community while keeping taxes under control.    During Kellogg’s first year in office, he has focused on fostering an environment supportive of economic growth and improving customer service.  In support of his mission, Kellogg worked closely with town officials to restructure the land use departments, improve processes and foster stronger community partnerships, with a concentration on improving the permitting process.     
Kellogg restored the Town Planner position in a redefined role, giving it oversight of the entire permitting process with an emphasis on cultivating customer service.  Kellogg has further committed to use technology to make the process more efficient.  “We are about to finalize a very cost-effective, regional approach to purchasing a permitting software system that we will configure and implement locally.”     
Kellogg attributes his success to consistent collaboration with the local business community.  He created the First Selectman’s Business & Industry Advisory Committee to solicit valuable feedback from local businesses.  Kellogg said that this Committee has been extremely important, and has provided valuable suggestions ranging from relaxing the parking standards in commercial zones to allowing for greater administrative approvals.  “With the Planning & Zoning Commission’s authorization, we can allow staff to address these smaller, routine issues and avoid the time and costs currently incurred by applicants to get a minor change approved.” 
Kellogg has also fostered a strong partnership between the town’s Economic Development Commission and the Monroe Chamber of Commerce which he says, “is evident in all aspects, ranging from the collaborative recruiting of new businesses to Monroe, to the joint ribbon cuttings in celebration of their grand openings.” 
Improving procedures and processes in Town Hall and making infrastructure improvements to roads and town facilities have also been among Kellogg’s priorities.   “We have implemented new procedures for contract approvals, updated our purchasing policy, and have commenced formal planning efforts to provide the town with professional recommendations regarding long-range, capital projects,” said Kellogg. 
“I am very grateful for the collaboration that has been evident in Monroe across all our elected and appointed boards and commissions,” said Kellogg.   “We have been working together as a team.   Together we will continue the progress for the Town of Monroe and its wonderful community that we are privileged to serve.” 


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Wednesday, February 6, 2019 12:00 AM

Kellogg Announces he will Seek Re-Election

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